Hollywood Hills’ Best Kept Secret

Mid century modern meets gorgeous city, ocean and canyon views in a secluded retreat centrally located to all. A private, gated entrance leads to an oasis of calm, lush greenery nestled in the hills below the Hollywood sign. Relax around the poolside and view spectacular sunsets perfect for romance, a soiree or meditation at sunrise on the wrap-around deck. An open floor plan invites family fun or a couple’s solitude around the fireplace. Glass pane double doors that open to the deck, hardwood floors and a spa tub enhance the charm of this calming sanctuary. Central air and heating is perfect during summer months while three bedrooms and two bathrooms can accommodate family, friends or relatives. The master suite boasts custom walk-in closets and views to die for. Partake in all that the city has to offer – Burbank studios at one end, Hollywood at the other while Santa Monica beaches are but a short jaunt away. When it comes to location and ambiance, this home is a slice of heaven.

From the moment they met, her presence stopped his universe. He looked into her eyes and saw a union dancing with possibilities. That first kiss sealed the rest of their lives together. Now, he wishes to capture those moments with a token of his affection adorned around her finger, a brilliant diamond ring to celebrate their eternal love.

HolisticTea Ceremony

It all began more than a decade ago when I decided to give up coffee consumption cold turkey. Beyond the first two sips, I didn’t like the way it wired me, plugged my ears and left me with a mild jitter. Since I wasn’t privy to Swiss or German coffees (what I drink when traveling to those countries) I no longer desired the beverage.

Between the hours of 4 and 5am a faint stir of anticipation awakens within. It lures me from any stage of sleep, a renewal of sorts in the subtlest of gestures, a purifying rite that promises an hour of precious solitude. Thus rises a new day blessed with tea ceremony. A personal custom of modern day tradition, the faculties of taste and touch are engaged.

It begins with the tranquil sound of silence. Almost nothing pierces the air as I move about invisibly:  the rustling of bedding; barely audible commotion of clothing; crackle of waking joints after a night’s sleep and trickling of water are all kept to a minimum.

Scent and Glow
Fire is nature’s way of illuminating a passageway into the new day. Scent welcomes serenity and must resonate throughout; perhaps lavender, orange, peony, peppermint or a combination thereof, depending upon my mood. Thus, three candles are resurrected and placed around the kitchen to radiate their quiet glow and emit their purifying aroma.

Curtains are opened to welcome the dawn and praise the sunrise. Tea ceremony and personal custom at its finest, it is a sacred passageway into a new day that imparts peace and balance.

depositphotos_6196871_originalAyurvedic Shirodhara

The most divine of ancient Ayurvedic rituals, Shirodhara calms the mind and awakens the body’s intuitive knowledge. It is profoundly relaxing and nourishing while improving mental clarity and comprehension. A continuous flow of warm, herbal oil is poured in a slow, steady stream onto the forehead awakening the third eye and crown chakras. Vata Dosha* is balanced. Shirodhara works on the cerebral system thereby relaxing the nervous system while balancing Praan Vaayu (life force energy) around the head. The entire face is rejuvenated as worry lines are softened. Shirodhara can reduce and relieve migraine headaches, wash away negative emotions and thought patterns, anxiety, restlessness, irritability and nervousness.

Be prepared to lie on your back and position your head beneath an oil ‘fountain’ which is actually a slow-flowing spout. You will be shrouded in warm towels as gentle massage begins, gently replaced by the gentle flow of warm oil. You may gradually drift off into a deep sleep only to awaken as though you have rested an entire night. Time slows to your pace as your soul and scalp are being nourished. The benefits of Shirodhara can be enhanced with immediate follow up of traditional massage.
SensualWhen was the last time a woman experienced in matters of sensuality caused your temperature to rise? Brought out the vivacious side that served well in your youth? As with most delicious things, this is only the beginning.

I fancy the finer things in life but not necessarily what you might expect. A prowess of pleasure who takes delight in the less seen nuances – a romantic dance on the terrace following a spectacular dinner; that bottomless kiss in the elevator that costs your manly composure; a colorful conversation that leads us right into the hands of dirty talk and then some; sharing a dessert over cappuccino pre-empting a starry-eyed performance of the national ballet; floating on desire into the wee hours of the morning fueled by blissful delirium. Are you starting to get that warm feeling inside?

You cannot decide whether to indulge in my silken skin dowsed in a soft, floral scent or caress my lips with yours because they beckon promises. Yes, my style is classically elegant and I can make that little black dress come alive with one clever accessory. But all that stress on the job has rendered you powerless so we unveil naughty toys just to let you know who’s really boss. As much as we love the fantasy play we are soon regaled in formal attire and heading out to the opera. No one knows our devilish little secrets!